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2017-02-12 16:02:26 by Paco158

Got a drawing pad. New stuff soon maybe.


2017-01-30 18:14:53 by Paco158

Stop. Let GD be back on Steam. Stop.

No more music for a while.

2016-07-31 18:35:07 by Paco158

My music making software does not allow me to upload on Newgrounds. I must delete all my work, and even if I were to continue... the program won't work anymore. So... I may come back, but not anytime soon. For MUSIC that is, as for art, I am getting a drawing pad, so I will start uploading my mega comic series, "Adventure", starting September-ish. Well, sorry for the music bit, but I think I will have a new start on Newgrounds... someday soon.

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2016-03-12 20:42:34 by Paco158

 Hey guys! I would like to thank you for all the support, some of my songs have over 100 downloads :D. I started playing Geometry Dash before making songs, and I hope that someone has or will use my songs on there :3. Other then that... that's all. I have been starting to make games as well, and I also want to do animation. So, expect more than music from me. See ya <3.